Did you know that golf and Pilates are the most complementary sports of golf? Beats of Golf aims to give you a unique golf experience. We would therefore like to help you to enjoy golf to the maximum thanks to a healthy mind & body.

1. Improve your "core stability"

Having core stability in golf is just as important as any other activity. One way to improve performance, longevity and reduce the risk of injury is to train and strengthen the core.


Golf is centered around the rotation of the body and the power of the ground, through your core to the club and the ball. With a stronger core comes more power and therefore a more powerful, controlled swing.


A strong core also influences so many other factors, such as improving your posture and reducing the pressure on your back and neck, which often causes acute back pain.

2. Improved Flexibility

Flexibility is one of, if not the most important factor in​​ become a successful golfer. It allows golfers to utilize a full range of motion, which in turn allows you to achieve maximum potential power and distance.

3. Improve body balance and stability

Body balance and stability create a good foundation for golfers to​​ effective swing with power behind it. The success behind your swing lies in the control of the total range of motion and coordinated rotation of the body, especially the shoulders and hips. This is not possible without balance and stability from the pelvis.

4. Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Pilates and Yoga can help with all kinds of rehabilitation, from acute shoulder pain to chronic back pain. This is largely due to the holistic approach of both sports that targets the whole body to treat any imbalances that can create compensatory patterns. Using unilateral movements, Pilates aims to develop even muscles on either side of the body to reduce undue pressure on overcompensating muscles.