With the QED Uneekor tracking system you get a professional quality launcher and you can take advantage of the latest technological developments.


QED comes with 2 fast cameras that work at 3000 frames per second.
This system is truly unique !!!


QED records both ball and club data with unparalleled accuracy.
Only a few systems on the market can measure spin data so accurately.

This data has been referenced and compared to other launchers available on the market.

They exhibit much higher accuracy.


On the one hand, the superiority of QED is due to the combined use of the most technologically advanced hardware with the most modern software and, on the other hand, ease of use.


Videos are displayed after every shot. This makes it possible to visualize the action afterwards.

The QED system is suitable for all private or professional players.

Whether you are an amateur, golf pro, coach or club fitter, the system will meet your expectations!

Pack includes:
• QED starts Monitor
• Golf ball spin data / golf club data / adjustment
• IGNITE software only

QED Ignite can be added to existing structures, cages, studios, enabling cost effective modernization.

- Assistance / supervision during installation
- Course simulation software: E6 Connect, TGC 2019, Creative Golf ...
- Installation

QED Ignite

  • The QED Uneekor tracking system consists of 2 high-speed cameras operating at 3000 fps.
    Unique to this system is the fact that it is an overhead monitor that tracks both ball and club data with unparalleled accuracy.
    The balls have a marked pattern to help detect the real spin of the ball through the cameras.

    Only a few systems on the market can measure actual spin data.
    This data has been compared to the GC Quad and shows superior accuracy.

    The main difference with this system is the combination of the most advanced hardware with advanced and user-friendly software.
    The videos are displayed after each shot to provide PROOF of what happened.

    It is suitable for all users and especially club fitters and coaches.
    In addition to the tracking cameras, swing analysis cameras are directly integrated with the software.

    Why QED -> Golf Ball & Golf Club Tracking System


    Full ball + SPIN DATA Measurement accuracy
    - Backspin & Topspin +/- 100 RPM
    - Side Spin or Spin Axis +/- 50 RPM or 0.2 °
    - Ball speed +/- 0.3 mph
    - Ball launch angle +/- 0.5 °
    - Ball Launch Direction +/- 0.25 °
    - max. 400 meters Carry / min. Put 10 cm

    Accuracy of full club head data
    - Club speed +/- 0.5 mph
    - Club Face Angle +/- 0.25 °
    - 3,000 FPS - Dual camera tracking system



    From professional to amateur golfers,
    QED aims to be the best practice equipment for golfers.

    Provides the best data available on the market with excellent accuracy.
    It doesn't matter if you play, practice, teach or fit with QED, you get the best data for all your needs!


    Offers a variety of content to improve your golf skills: complex driving, approach, putting

    Specialized in practice exercises for real rounds: Short Game Complex

    You can also prepare for the actual round preparation: Stroke, practice mode in the course


    Foresight GCQuad or Trackman 4 Class data

    + Maximum accuracy
    + Various content
    = Use ALL-IN-ONE product

    - 2 swing cameras for even more analysis
    - Golf course simulation: E6 Connect, TGC 2019, Creative Golf 3D, Succeed

    Support contract (recommended option): 235 € TTC

    Our experts help and assist you remotely
    - Tips for setting up and starting your launcher / simulator
    - Installation of selected software
    - Create user account
    - Training in the use of the launcher / simulator
    - Remote control of your PC in case of problems
    - Access to our experts by phone or Whatsapp from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.
    - Any help related to your installation in general, by bringing in our expertise on your problems.


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Leo Baekelandstraat 31

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AXA IBAN BE96 7512 0891 5105

VAT BE 0684.569.976

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