How do I choose a Home Golf installation?

1. What space do you need to install an installation?

You can play indoor golf at home in a space of 3 meters wide and 4 meters deep. We recommend a ceiling height of 3 meters to strike with a driver. A lower ceiling height is of course possible if you are not tall yourself or only want to train with your irons. 🏌️‍♂️

2. The choice of your safety net

In our offer we have opted for the nets from the net return. These nets catch the ball and make it return again. The Net Return offers two types: the Home net and the Pro net. The difference between the two is only in size:

net angle.jpg


  • Height: 214 cm

  • Width: 214 cm

  • Depth: 110 cm

  • Weight: 18 kg


  • Height: 232 cm

  • Width: 244 cm

  • Depth: 110 cm

  • Weight: 14 kg

As you can see the PRO is just a bit wider and higher. This provides extra comfort and safety during hitting. Both nets are available with side nets (side barriers). These side nets ensure that the balls you "shank" are collected and do not cause any damage. 😊

A golf net does not have to be expensive! At Decathlon you will already find a practice net for 60 euros. The difference in price is in the quality of the materials used (sustainability net). So choose a net that matches the intensity of your use!

3. Go for a quality mat because you are going to play a lot 😊

In our webshop we offer two mats: golf mat QUATTRO and PRO TURF.

The pro turf has a standard size of 2 by 3 meters. This mat is ideal for using the nets from The Net Return. The ball can roll back to the player thanks to the length of the mat (3m). The mat is relatively hard, which is not ideal for starting players if you often succeed in the mat with your club.


The Quattro is the showpiece of the driving range mats. He has not stolen his name, the four layers provide good shock absorption, so that the impact on your joints is limited. This square mat has a size of 1.5m by 1.5m.


In order to take advantage of all the advantages of the Quattro golf mat in combination with the nets from The Net Return (including rolling the ball back), we integrate the Quattro golf mat into a larger artificial grass mat:

Thanks to this custom finish, you can have the space where you want to play golf at home or in the office completely customized. This birdie golf mat is cut to size (so all shapes and sizes are possible).

4. Skytrak Golfsimulator

The easiest decision to make! 😊


Today there is no better price/quality simulator on the market than Skytrak. We have tested the accuracy of the Skytrak ourselves with many other, much more expensive, simulators (Foresight, Trackman). Skytrak delivers a masterpiece with this device!

The Skytrak program can be downloaded for both Apple and Android. You get free access to the driving range. You have to pay a fee for extra games and features.

Would you like to play real golf courses? This is of course also possible with the Skytrak! For this you need a qualitative PC and a Software packet (more information about this you can get without obligation through us).


Beats of Golf itself uses The Golf Club 2019 and can play more than 150,000 courses worldwide! Pebble beach is our daily lunch break 😊

5. Go for the ultimate experience (Screen or projection?)

You can easily run the Skytrak program on your PC, tablet or even smartphone. You do not have to make an extra investment for this.

If you want to equip your Home Golf with the ultimate experience, you can opt for a projector and projection screen. Both the Home and Pro net of The Net Return can be expanded with a projection screen.

The Net Return has also released a third net in which the projector and screen are fully integrated: The Simulator Series:

Beats of Golf is the reference in Belgium for the installation of Home Golf systems. Do you have any further questions (quality PC, projector, ...)? Do not hesitate to contact us by mail ( or telephone (+32485398873).

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