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Not much time in the week to play golf? Too cold in winter to play outside? Forbidden to play during a pandemic or do you just want to enjoy golf even more? Beats of golf is the reference in Belgium when it comes to indoor golf. We offer an affordable solution to enjoy your favorite sport even more: a Home Golf Studio, completely tailored to your needs.


Do you have a room that is at least 3 meters wide, 4 meters deep and 3 meters high? Then we can transform this space into your golf paradise.

1. How do I get started?


You have probably searched for golf simulators on the internet? Then you have been able to establish that there are numerous products! To really know which product meets your needs, it is best to test the golf simulators. We would therefore like to invite you for a no-obligation visit to Beats of Golf, the largest indoor golf club in Belgium! (Noorderlaan 53, 2030 Antwerp).


Our indoor golf club contains 5 golf boxes (studios) that we have built entirely ourselves and are equipped with the most modern golf simulators (Trackman, Uneekor, Skytrak, Flightscope). After years of testing and comparing, we have made a choice from the wide range of simulators. We are happy to share our experience and together see which simulator meets your financial and sporting needs!


Would you like to come and test without obligation and discuss all the options? Make an appointment by email ( or call us on +32 485 39 88 73.




2. Do I have the right space?


Do you have a room that is at least 3 meters wide, 4 meters deep and 3 meters high? Then we can transform this space into your golf paradise. When you have tested the different simulators with us and know which one suits you, we will make an appointment to come and have a look at the location.


We fully measure the location you have in mind for your own golf studio and discuss practical matters such as finish, size of the screen, type of peripherals, etc. With this information, we make a first price indication. This first price indication gives you an overall picture of how much your golf studio should cost.


Do you not have a suitable space inside and do you not want to give up your golf dream? No problem, we have placed a wood structure in the garden for a number of our customers, which we will fully equip as a golf studio.


Do you see it even bigger and would you, in addition to placing an indoor golf studio, also like an outdoor green with a bunker? Also happy to help you with this. We have a network of experts who can transform your garden into a beautiful golf location!





3. What do you need for a golf studio?


A standard golf studio consists of the following elements:


  • The structure in which we stretch the impact screen. The screen is one of the most important elements of your studio: it not only catches the ball, but you also project the image onto it. We provide a screen that consists of three layers. As a result, the ball is nicely received and the noise is limited at impact. The screen has very fine seams so you get a nice picture

  • Artificial turf: consists of at least putting grass with an integrated hitting mat. We also provide rough (longer artificial grass) around the studio so that the ball never rolls off the mat and it also gives a beautiful and natural effect.

  • Golf simulator

  • Projector

  • Gaming PC: which must meet the requirements to be able to use the golf simulation software

  • Finishing around screen to catch balls being "shanked" or very tall balls.

  • Software to be able to play terrains



5. What budget should I provide?


A basic golf studio with a mobile golf simulator such as Skytrak or Flightscope starts from 10 000 Euro excl. VAT. If you opt for a real indoor solution such as the QED from Uneekor, you can assume a budget from 15,000 Euro excl. VAT.


In order to really estimate your budget in detail, we need the exact dimensions of your studio.


6. Installation

As soon as we receive a 50% advance payment, we plan the installation in our calendar. We always try to realize your studio as quickly as possible. You can expect a waiting time of only 3 weeks between validation and installation time.


On the first day of installation, we will place the structure and grass of your home golf studio. When this structure is ready, we will discuss the finish one last time. These materials are then made to measure and placed about a week later.


We are of course also happy to give a demo so that you can play the most beautiful areas in no time.



7. Dreams Realized