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For several years we have been working for a company that tries to make sport accessible through sports equipment at democratic prices. We are convinced of the principle that all sports should be accessible to everyone. But to make this possible you obviously need more than sports equipment.

Golf is gaining popularity in Belgium. The Flemish Golf Association and many golf clubs have taken initiatives in recent years to make golf sports accessible. Moreover, our Belgian golf stars have provided the necessary dose of Rock 'n Roll in recent years. We would like to participate and give everyone the opportunity to discover this fantastic sport. Beats of Golf wants to give golf the image that makes the sport attractive to the general public and launch a concept that is accessible for everyone!


In a world that is becoming increasingly volatile and hectic, optimizing leisure time is central. Creating unique experiences is becoming increasingly important. We want to reinvent the experience of golf. Golf can become a bit hip and trendy for the general public.


A total concept (sport + event) will ensure that the experience goes beyond purely the sporty. Not only the athlete is central, but also his entourage. After the sport comes the relaxation, we want to combine both!


In addition to the experience, golf can become a sport that is accessible to young and old in every way (price, material, clothing, location, time ...). Anyone who wants to discover the sport should be able to hit his first ball without barriers.




In the first place, we want to encourage people to do sports. We want to do this by practicing sports ourselves and also radiating this. We also want to be a dynamic company (mobile). Questioning and improving existing habits, responding to trends, innovating, ...




We always do business with a sense of responsibility in all areas. We have a clear vision and expand it step by step. We ensure that with every new step forward, we can always return to our previous position.




The success of the experience is largely due to social interaction. We want to bring people together and support real social life. Likes, shares, ... do not happen digitally, but in the field.


We strive to surround ourselves with people who share these three values ​​with us. They form the base of our project and they are the common thread in our network.

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