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Beats of Golf Tour 2021


The Beats of Golf Tour "The Dutch Open" has just ended and we are already back with a new digital golf tournament. For the next 4 weeks we will compete on different golf courses against the 4 natural elements: EARTH, WIND, WATER & FIRE. This tournament takes place on the most beautiful digital golf courses that are associated with one natural element. The Beats of Golf Tour "BEAT THE ELEMENTS" runs from Monday, April 12, 2021 to Sunday, May 9, 2021.  

The matches are played thanks to the software of THE GOLF CLUB 2019.

Beat the Elements.PNG

Do you own a golf simulator and do you have a subscription to TGC 2019?

Then play the "BEAT THE ELEMENTS" of the BEATS OF GOLF TOUR 2021



12/04 - 18/04: "Beat the Elements: EARTH"  on TPC Scottsdale Lidar

19/04 - 25/04: " Beat the Elements:  WIND" on Castle Stuart - Scotland

26/04 - 02/05: "Beat the Elements: WATER" at Pebble Beach

03/05 - 09/05: "Beat the Elements: FIRE"  on Firethorn (Member Tees) (Augusta National)

Beats of Golf Society


We try to make our online society as big as possible so that we can play the matches with more players. So it would be great if you also become a member and participate in the competitions. Who knows, you might even win one of our great prizes.  


In addition to the online society at TGC 2019, we would also like to invite you to join the BENELUX TGC SOCIETY on Facebook by clicking the link below. In this we want to unite all TGC users of the BeNeLux to be able to organize fun events together.  


In the future we will organize many more events at our TGC 2019 society.

Join now and play all matches with us!

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